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به یاد شبهای خاموش مادرم
ابر می‌بارد و من می‌شوم از یار جدا.
چون کنم دل به چنین روز ز دلدار جدا؟
ابر باران، و من و یار ستاده به وداع.
من جدا گریه کنم، ابر جدا، یار جدا...
امیر خسرو دهلوی
In memory of my beloved mother
The cloud weeps and I become separated from my friend.
How can I separate my heart from my heart's friend on such a day?
The cloud weeping - and I and the friend standing, bidding farewell -
I weeping separately, the cloud separately, the friend separately...
-Amir Khusrow Dehlavi, the Indo-Persian poet
[Translation: Anne Marie Schimmel]
.توانا بُوَد هر که دانا بُوَد
.ز دانش دل پیر بُرنا بُوَد
He who is wise is powerful.
From knowledge, heart of the old becomes young.
هر که شاخ را گرفت، شکست و فرو افتاد! هر که درخت را گرفت، همۀ شاخ آنِ اوست!    شمس‌الدین تبریزی
He who seized a branch, fell down and broke from the fall! He who grasped the whole tree, got every branch with it!
-Shamsoddin Tabrizi

"Have you ever been to the Cluny, the museum? There you will see Persian carpets of the most exquisite hue and of a pattern the beautiful intricacy of which delights and amazes the eye. In them you will see the mystery and the sensual beauty of the East, the roses of Hafiz and the wine-cup of Omar; but presently you will see more. You were asking just now what was the meaning of life. Go and look at those Persian carpets, and one of these days the answer will come to you."