About Me

Like to read, learn new things, and am addicted to life!

There are always things to complain about. As Sohrab Sepehri, the Persian poet, put it "there is always a distance... there is always a scratch on the face of feeling...". But I always try to be content and try to keep a roof on my head no matter what happens. Life goes on as ever no matter how we see things. And things are not always fair in this world. So I try to learn to appreciate and enjoy little/simple/beautiful things, get inspired by them, and hopefully find my way home. 

I am a mathematician by training, perhaps a mediocre mathematician but I love my math regardless. Overall, I consider myself an analysis person. Have done research in Operator Theory and Linear Algebra, mostly reducibility and triangularizability results on collections of linear transformations and compact linear operators. With my background in mathematics, I can teach almost any course at the undergraduate level and have taught a variety of courses at the graduate level; a list, so far, goes as follows: Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Advanced Linear Algebra, Theory of ODE's, Differentiable Manifolds, Algebraic Topology. I am adventurous when it comes to teaching. I am interested in problem solving as well. Mathematical problems are the heart of mathematics and a great source of inspiration for new problems and mathematical theories. I like and enjoy the challenge of math problems, whether or not I can solve them! I can hardly imagine a mathematician without being able to solve mathematical problems. 

           .مستیم ز جام شمس تبریز
جام می او مباد بی ما!      مولانا 

Translation: Drunk we are from the wine cup of Shams of Tabriz.
                  May his wine cup be never without us! 


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Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Sciences, University of Golesten,
Gorgan, Iran 49138-15759
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